it means property owners still have to pay property taxes due on 12-20-12.

It is a day to savor and acknowledge the power and sequence of numbers.

There won’t be another day like it for 89 years, when we enter a new century and begin the list again with 01-01-01.

But this story about 12-12-12 is about today.

It is about love, hope and celebration.

It is about spiritual renewal.

People who love numbers.

And coincidence.

Case in point: Carrie and Caty Wellborn, a Wichita mother and daughter.

Twelve years ago, Carrie Wellborn was lying in Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis preparing to give birth. Talk of a millennium and Y2K were swirling all around.

“I was overdue. If it had been my|healthcare professional|personal|my own, personal|search terms|my own , personal|medical professional|published|health care provider|my business|all of my|of my|excellent|my own personal|keyword phrases|a|offered|economical|day-to-day|web page} decision, she would have already been born, ” Carrie Wellborn said.

After many hours of labor, little Caty Wellborn was born at 7: 36 p. m.

“She was a millennium baby. We thought that was cool, ” Carrie Wellborn said.

The hospital gave the Wellborn family a special ornament with a baby on it.

And that was that – until last year, when the Wellborns realized they would be celebrating Caty’s 12th birthday on 12-12-12.

“It’s like a coincidence and awesome, ” Caty Wellborn said Monday in anticipation of her day.

She’s celebrating the day with 20 of her friends in a gymnasium with a big-screen TV, a photo booth, an ice cream sundae bar, a popcorn machine and Christmas ornament decorating.

“This is the only birthday that is really coincidental and cool, ” Caty Wellborn said.

Symbolism of 12
We won’t see the likes of this type of day in most of our lifetimes.

Think how important the number 12 is in our daily lives.

There are 12 hours on a clock, 12 inches in a foot, 12 months in a year, and a dozen eggs in the carton.

Twelve members on a jury.

Twelve signs in the zodiac.

Twelve disciples.

And, there are 12 shopping days left until Christmas.

Love, hope and the No . 12
True love brought Terry Downing and Connie Nunn together for 12-12-12.

Last year, when their son Venice Anthony Moonlight Downing was born on Dec. 8, Downing was driving on I-235 to Wesley when it hit him: Why not propose to her and get married on 12-12-12?

“As far as significance, does it mean anything? Mindfully, spiritually, no; I think it is a neat number that gently rolls off the tongue, ” Downing said. “And, it will be an easy date for a man to remember. ”

And so, will they be married at 12: 12 p. m.?

No .

At 6 p. m.

“The preacher we have has to work that day, ” Connie Nunn said.

Which brings us to H. B. “Rabbi Dude” Berlow, president of the Kansas Writers Association and ordained minister in Dudism, the religion in the 1998 comedy movie “The Big Lebowski. ” (There is such a thing. Google it. )

He’s not the minister for Downing and Nunn. The couple he is marrying at 7 p. m. didn’t want their name used.

But their story is also a love story, Berlow said. It is about a couple who were once married. Divorced. Found and married other spouses. Divorced and somehow came back together again.

“Getting married on 12-12-12 is more of a hoot for them, ” he said. “These are folks who have been up and down the racetrack. It is about remarriage and creating something brand new. ”

And that brings us to hope.

Cynthia Killion, well-known Wichita spiritual psychic, wants people to know the world will not end on 12-12-12 or on 12-21-12.

Quite frankly, it means property owners still have to pay property taxes due on 12-20-12.

“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, ” she says.

But the significance of the numbers and days, Killion says, instead should come as symbols of hope to us.

“Whenever we see repeating sequence of numbers, it is a message from the divine and spirit world, ” Killion said. “The message varies from person to person. It is usually a message to wake up, pay attention. It is a sign that there is another world that cares and is reaching out to us. ”